Since 2011, the Face-Off Factory has consulted with some of the top face-off coaches and players in the country. Our goal then and now was to develop a top notch face-off training program. We have used small group and private training sessions to test our methods with players of all levels and abilities. This has allowed us to develop the most comprehensive face-off training program in lacrosse. As the faceoff position is constantly evolving, so is our training program. We are consistently tweaking our program and focus to give our students the most relevant and effective training.

Our willingness to teach players every aspect of the position is what separates the Face-Off Factory from other programs. Our goal is to not only create a dominant draw man, but a quarterback in the middle of the “X”. Our one day, six hour program will teach players different stances, grips, moves and counters to win at the “X”. In addition, how to control the ground ball, how to efficiently use the wing players and how to shoot on the run to create the complete face-off player. No one day event is going to make a player an instant success; however, all of the drills were designed so they can be replicated by the players on their own.

In 2013, Face-Off Factory traveled across the country for our Summer Tour. By combining intense instruction and drilling with high level competition, we have created an incredible program for players to learn and grow. The competition has created some awesome recruiting exposure and resulted in players having the opportunity to play at the next level.

After numerous terrific programs run on both sides of the country, hundreds of players coming through our training and great feedback from both parents and players, we are excited to continue to help players of all ages become experts at the Faceoff-X.