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  • 7 Hours Level: Grade 8th - 12th

FO 101 – The Basics

Participants will stay together for the first two hours, then be divided into Beginner and Intermediate groups.

  1. Face-off: Position specific dynamics and stretching.
  2. Hand Drills: Drills players can take home that focus on hand eye coordination and are designed to increase hand speed.
  3. The face-off rules.
  4. The Stick: The different ways to grip the stick for the face-offs and the pros and cons of each.
  5. Ground Work: Right hand punch, Left hand punch, “down the line” and lift.
  6. The four basic stances and variations of each: We make sure that every player understands the different stances and try’s them out but we leave it to the player to pick which one they want to use.
  7. Face-off options “technique”: Clamp,  jam / re-jam, rake, etc.
  8. Winning the ball: Once you win the ball – what do you do? Push forward, pull back, etc. and which method to choose to do so.
  9. Ground ball, techniques and drills.
  10. Shooting on the run.
  11. Fast breaks, chalk talk and wing play in great detail.
  12. The competition: Players will put what they learned in to practice. At this point, we will find out who are the top performers by grade. Those players eliminated will move to coaches’ circle and get additional reps and training until the award ceremony.
  13. Award ceremony: Awards and prizes will be provided to those who do well in the competition.
  14. Recruitment: The top performer’s information will be provided to college recruiters of top level lacrosse programs, Division I to Division III.

Less emphasis on ground balls