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  • Level: Grade 8th - 12th

FO 201 – Advanced

Faceoff 201

(Prerequisite: FO 101)

Faceoff 201 is the advanced group classification at our combines or regional events. Our combines focus heavily on improving the players technique in all facets of the faceoff position. These techniques include the full spectrum of moves and counters, footwork, ground ball play, stick work, shooting, film, and situational IQ. This is what makes us the most complete faceoff training program in lacrosse.

*Limited to a specific number of players. The assumption is that those that have completed FO 101 have a strong knowledge of the basics. Players will be placed into groups based on skill level. Those groups will remain together for the day and move through stations touching on all aspects of our program.

  • Film study and consultation
  • Techniques
  • Counters
  • Footwork and Body Positioning
  • D1/MLL film study
  • Stickwork
  • Situational IQ