2016 Overnight Camp Testimonials

From a Parent: 

Hi Joe,
i personally wanted to thank you for doing a great job with your training sessions!! My son attended several of them and learned so much in such a short time. I wish he would have been able to attend more, but unfortunately we just seemed to have so many schedule conflicts…You do a great job with the kids and we are so happy we found you! My son will be the FOGO for his High School this year and is really excited about it.
His coach pulled him aside last night and asked if he could help with some drills that he learned from you!! He is very proud to have trained with you and you have earned great respect throughout many communities!
We will look forward to working with again and Good luck with your season!
Take Care

From a Player: 

Dear FOF

I have had a few experiences with the Faceoff Factory, one with Coach Nardella and a few with Coach Massa. The FOF is very personalized and the coaches make it feel like they want to personally know you and know how you are doing, instead of taking your money giving you an hour of practice and not really caring like some of the clinics I have done. Each of the coaches I have had are good players, great coaches and even better people to be around, which makes practicing with them fun and you want to learn when you are around them. Overall, I have had many great training’s with the FOF, and I hope to continue to work with them in the future to help me get recruited. Keep up the good work Coaches!

Matt Bronico

From a Player: 

I’m a rookie FOGO compared to everybody else I’m competing against in lacrosse, with less than one year of experience playing face. My friend sent me an Instagram post by Joe Nardella, talking about a clinic near my town. I decided that if I really wanted to take my faceoff game to the next level, I’d have to learn from the best. During the clinic, the best is exactly what I got, and with some amazing help from Mr. Nardella himself and the experts at the Faceoff Factory, I was soon winning against kids with as much as five times the experience I had. Honestly, that clinic was the greatest lacrosse instruction I’ve ever received, and I hope to do more with the Faceoff Factory in the future.

From a Parent:

I wanted to let you know that my middle son, Charlie (7th grader) has attended numerous Faceoff Factory events.  Both the all-day classes and the Sunday sessions at CDM. He loves face-offs and really enjoys attending your sessions.  They are very motivating for him.  He tells everyone he is a face-off specialist.

Your talks on playing in college have been a great inspiration as well.  He commented the other day that he needs to start sending letters to college coaches!  We were at the College fair at Tustin High School earlier this week for his older brother but he wanted to tag along.  He ran to the Syracuse University table because his dream is to play lacrosse at Syracuse but then I saw him at the Colorado Mesa University table.  I asked him why that school and he said he wanted to check it out because Michael just committed to that school.

I appreciate the care and positive role you take with the lacrosse kids in Orange County.  It is one thing when parents tell the kids to get good grades and practice but when someone he looks up to as a coach reinforces it, it has a great impact. I wanted you to know I appreciate your positive impact on my son.

Thanks again and see you at the fields.

Steve (Tyson)

From a Coach:

Face off Factory to me represents the spirit of the game, the love of competition, and the commitment to excellence in a craft. Face of Factory staff bring passion, knowledge, hard work, and love of the draw to each session. The staff of FOF has gone beyond to educate and train coaches and players of all ages here in Orange County. They have demystified the position and given the tools to all who are willing to listen and learn. As a High school and youth coach I have really seen the difference in the players that have spent time training with FOF. I appreciate the follow up from FOF staff with me on my players reminding me to give them time each day to practice, sending pointers on what the players need to work on, and even attending games & practices during the season to evaluate how the players are doing. Bottom line is that the improvement of the players training with FOF has been very apparent and measurable. There’s no question that their training system works. They emphasize fundamentals, hard work and repetition. The trainings are broken down into simple steps that help the players progress as they master each training drill and skill. The FOF system is about consistent work to get better, not about teaching gimmicks, tricks or short cuts. They are dedicated to making the players better, mentally, physically, and teaching them to teach others and share the knowledge of the position. In orange county the FOF has made a huge impact to make the game better, by education, training, and bringing passionate awareness to the face off position. In just a few months the county went from having no Face off focus with just 2 top draw specialists to now having about 5 elite draw players and about 10-15 more that are very close as well, along with many upcoming youth and middle school talent. Next season should be remarkable competition at the face off x. I look forward to continued training with FOF for my players and myself.
Jon Fox
Head Coach Foothill High school
2014 CIF-SS Champions
#1 Ranked team in California 2014

From a Coach:

From Brady’s Bunch:

We have had many players from Face off factory play on our Brady’s Bunch Regional and National Teams.  more often than not these are some of the most polished and top face off players in any event we attend. College coaches are always asking questions and interested in our FOF players. We are proud to have a strong relationship with Face off Factory and their high level instructors.

Tom DeMaio – Director of Operation’s Bradys Bunch

From a Player:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great training and instruction that I have received from Face-off Factory over the last several years!!

The training and instruction that I received this year helped me have a great season! Some of the stats are:

Face-offs taken: 343
Face-offs won: 257
Win %: 75%

2014 Sea View League Player of the Year
2014 Sea View League 1st Team

Again, thank you and I look forward to continuing to train and attend more Face-off clinics and camps this year!

From  a Parent:

Coach Burkhart,

I wanted to send you this email to thank you for your efforts with our son Gordon Livermore.  I don’t know much about Lacrosse having never played it myself so I can only go by the stats and what others who know the sport better than I say to me.  Gordon has really progressed under your instruction.  He only started at the face off position at the beginning of this year.  Never did one face off prior.

We just got back from the Adrenaline Lacrosse tournament in Santa Barbara.  My work causes me to travel a lot so I miss many of Gordon’s regular season games.  This tournament was one that I could watch every game.  Here are the stats:

Game 1 against OC crush elite.  Gordon won 14 of 16 FO’s and was  87.5% FO  .

Game 2 against SD Lax Dawgs Elite Royal.  Gordon won 14 of 15 face offs at 93%.  The only one he lost he was called for offsides.

Game 3 against Gilbert Tigers.  They won 6-5 and Gordon won 12 of 13 face offs at 92%.  Again the only one he lost is one he was called for offsides.

Game 4 against OC Kings Elite 2.  They lost 11-5.  Gordon won 17 of 18 face offs at 94%.  Again the only one he lost is one he was called for offsides.

Game 5 against RC Starz Elite Carolina.  They lost 10-3.  Gordon won 14 of 15 face offs at 93%.  He lost one due to offsides again.

I don’t know much but you deserve a ton of  credit for his success.  He is going to be down in San Diego for the next tournament this coming weekend.  After that, he needs to keep up the training with you for sure.

Thanks again and all the best,

George Livermore

From a Player: 

I just wanted to take the time to say “thank you” for having me at both the Delaware and Pennsylvania Face-Off-Factory training camps this past summer. I cannot recommend your training enough to my teammates and friends that I compete against.

Your instructors provide such in-depth, relevant and personalized instruction that is unmatched in comparison to any other face-off training I have completed.

And to update you on my progress, at nationals in Denver, Colorado this past August I was successful in over 65% of my face-offs, and this was against some of the very best in my bracket, most of which had an additional year and size over me.

I hope to see you again soon and continue my training when you are in New Jersey or the surrounding areas this coming year as I begin my high school years in a more competitive environment.

Best regards,


Vittorio A. Barbera

Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

From a parent:

I am up here in Vail, Colorado at the Vail Lacrosse Tournament and wanted to send you a quick email regarding the great progress that Austin has made at the FOGO position. Austin played in the Denver Shootout last weekend, where his Brady Bunch team made it to the semis, losing to the eventual team that won in overtime. He then went up to Vail, where he is playing for the FCA U17 National Team, and they have advanced to the Championship game, which takes place tomorrow.

Austin’s play has improved greatly at faceoff, and he owes his progress in large part to the Faceoff Factory Clinics and one on one training he has had with your staff. The program you have put together at Faceoff Factory has been so needed in Lacrosse, for such a critical role on the field. It all starts with the real world experience you bring with your coaches, the pedigree they bring, and their desire to teach and improve the art and skill of the faceoff position. I never knew there was so much to this position in technique, strategy, and multiple elements involved until Austin started spending time with your team.

As a rising Junior, Austin has a long way to go, and he is committed to continuing to get better thanks in large part to the encouragement and comprehensive training you and your staff provide.

From a Player:

Thank You for your support and help throughout my faceoff training. I appreciate you contacting the coach from the Naval Academy and letting him know who I am. The summer Seminar was an incredible experience and I decided that this is the school of my dreams. I am looking forward to working with you more and perfecting my skills.

Sincerely Gordon

From a Parent:

FOF brings D1/college level FO talent year round to our backyard.  Great training programs are offered to beginners, intermediate and Advanced players.  We took advantage of the available FO coaching talent and their genuine desire to train the fundamental skills (dispel all of the FO secrets) which helped my son become a very competitive FO player and one of the top FO players in the county.  Bottom line, FOF makes the outstanding D1/college level experienced FO trainers (Not just one, but Many) available and you just have to commit and take advantage of the resources and watch your FO IQ and skills sky rocket.

Thank you FOF

From a Parent:

While my sister captained the Johns Hopkins first women’s lacrosse team, lacrosse skipped a generation in me and seemed to find a home in my son who like his grandpa has found his spirit in the lacrosse stick.  We are the daughters and grandson of Arthur “Toy” “Squirrel” Swerdloff, All American Goalie for John’s Hopkins Men’s Varsity Lacrosse Championship Team of 1941& 42.

The Face-off-Factory has done wonders to improve my son’s skills. Midfleld/Face-off player was a natural position for my son who wrestled and played lacrosse in High School.  After returning from a summer lacrosse camp on the east coast last year his high school coach suggested he improve his skills with the Face-off Factory training.  The experience has been invaluable.  His game has improved immeasurably.  He willingly gives up his weekends to drive 2-4 hours every available weekend to learn as much as he can from the Face off Factory coaches where ever they may be. Now the new high school coach says, “He wouldn’t know what to do without my son.” His team has won many games because of my son’s efforts and newly learned skills.  The coaches at the Face off Factory know the position and the game and know how to impart that knowledge and teach it to their students. They have developed a set of unique drills to improve the necessary face-off skills.   Not only have they taught Kobi but they have him helping to teach others which has really helped raise his self-esteem as he finds himself in a position to help other players both beginning and elite players whom he respects learn a new skill.  It has been a wonderful experience for my son and I highly recommend it to anyone considering the position.

Yours Truly,

Lauren Swerdloff, MD

From a Player:

“Faceoff Factory, I want to thank you for the time and effort you put forth for the faceoff training I have received over the past year. The training sessions and camps have been critical to the success I have had on the field. The drills and techniques are making me a well-rounded faceoff specialist, and I am looking forward to continued success with your help. Faceoff Factory has also provided me the opportunity to showcase my ability throughout the country.”

Thank you, Cole Spooner 2016


From a Coach:

Face Off Factory has been the best Lacrosse Instructional Tool for our Youth Teams. They are professional, hard working and have high expectations for their students. The coaches are highly qualified College Face-Off experts and teach all possible techniques. The best part of Face Off Factory is they care about what they are doing with a positive attitude by creating a positive atmosphere for learning. They are passionate and my players really respond to that and it shows because they are winning a lot more face-offs in games. Face Off Factory gets my highest recommendation.

Mark M. – Youth Coach – Newport Beach, California

From a Parent:

My son had the very good fortune of connecting with the Face Off Factory last year. He trains at the local weekend sessions in SoCal and has attended several of the clinics. We keep coming back to the clinics as the Face Off Factory is continually evolving and advancing their training and techniques. My son always comes away a better player and learning something new every time. The caliber of training Bryan provides along with the active Division 1 College players is on par with the best in the nation.

Not only is the coaching great but the boys are constantly challenged and learning from other players of different skill levels as well. My son has made a lot of friends who share the Face Off passion and the coaches encourage a fun and supportive learning environment. It always great to watch the fist bump and smiles when my son goes up against another FOF guy in a game. Whether you are a novice or a Varsity FOGO the Face Off Factory will definitely make you a better player !

From a Player:

I started Face Off Factory just about a year ago. I thought I knew how about face offs. I was wrong. The coaches have taken my game to the next level and more important, they are preparing me for High School Lacrosse in my techniques and in my mental approach to the game. They really care about me winning face-offs. They really care about me. I love my awesome coaches. There can’t be a better way to go about getting better at face-offs.

Nick M. – 13 – Newport Beach Surf Dawgs, California

From a Coach:

Bryan your boys were a credit to you and your organization.
All were very easy to work with and were respectful of the facility.
Also the feedback I got from kids and parents was very positive.
Please consider St. Stephens any time you would like to come back to Austin.

From a Player:

I had the opportunity to attend the Face Off Factory ‘s Camp in Austin recently and am happy to say that I left having learned so many new strategies to use against my opponents.   I would highly recommend any lacrosse player who is interested in learning the various face off techniques required to master this position attend this camp. The lacrosse instructors who taught the camp did it in a very clear and concise manner that made it both fun and educational for all age levels. Being able to practice/compete with peers helps enforce the strategies they are teaching.  I definitely will attend this camp again.

From a Parent:

My son recently participated in the Face-off Factory clinic in Orange County. I anticipated that at a minimum he would get some good focused time on learning to hone his FOGO skills. I was very pleased to learn that this is one of the most targeted and well run lacrosse clinics for any position. The level and format of instruction was ideal for FOGO. The program managers and coaches were friendly and engaging for the players and the parents. All the players from the U-11 \”bobbleheads\” to the HS players improved their skills dramatically and increased their level of personal competitiveness. They also learned a valuable lesson to support the other players, whether they won or loss a face-off battle. A winning program that is creating nationally competitive FOGO specialists!

From a Player:

The camp was an excellent experience for me as a FOGO. I learned the “four point stance” and improved on my clamp and several other moves. The coaches were great at interacting with us, were very hands on with the training, and were very skilled at what they do. I met a lot of other great and qualified players that pushed me to do my best. Overall this camp taught me a lot and hopefully by winning the competition I will have a lot of opportunities and doors open for me. I would highly recommend this clinic for any other FOGO players out there trying to improve their faceoff game.

From a Parent:

Faceoff Factory has been great for my son Nick. No one else is as interested in developing players for the face-off position as Bryan and his team.  Bryan puts a team of coaches together who really know how to communicate with high school players and through them Nick learns so much about the college lacrosse experience.
Bryan is dedicated to teaching players to play at their highest level and he’s developed some awesome talent.  When Nick was called up to play Varsity Bryan came to Nick’s games on his own time to provide support and guidance that others just can’t do. Bryan’s integrity and dedication to developing players is unmatched and we’re so grateful to have him, he’s such an important part of our community.

From a Player:

I had an amazing time at the faceoff factory combine in Orange County. All of the coaches are very skilled and they know how to teach all of the skills to the players. The one thing I was most pleased with was the fact that we were taught multiple moves. Most faceoff clinics specialize in teaching one move but at the faceoff factory we learned 3 or 4 different moves. Overall the camp was an excellent experience, I learned a lot and I can’t wait to put what I learned into action during the season!

From a Player:

The Face Off Factor camp was a great experience coached by a great group of guys. This camp was more helpful in teaching more in depth details about face offs than any other coach/player I’ve ever asked.

From a Parent:

The Face Off Factory training program has provided our son with the fundamental foundation, skills, and drills needed to compete in face-offs.  These trainings have enabled him to compete at a higher level with much improvement and success.  Face Off Factory truly has the most comprehensive program with the best level of instruction.

From a Parent:

The FOF has THE best individual coaching and mentors in the game in addition to some of the very best collegiate talent who participate at local and national camps with outstanding instruction.  Our son has improved his performance in a 4-month timeframe that has far exceeded our expectations.

I highly recommend the FOF and Brian Burkhart.  First class outfits!”

 From a player: 

The experience was amazing i have been practicing the method and it has been working great. I hope i get to do another FOF camp next summer. Thanks for all of that!

From a Player:

The face-off-factory is a top notch clinic to improve your overall faceoff skills. I can speak from experience that attending this clinic very much improved my game. I learned multiple techniques which increased my faceoff IQ and helped me to apply that knowledge on the field. I recommend signing up for at least one of FOF’s sessions in order to fine tune your skills and learn new ones.

From a Player:

The Face-offfactory is the best. Coaches are very interactive with the players. This camp is professional and well run. I learned alot of new techniques and would gladly do it again.”

From a Player:

“I have been to all the big camps and hands down Face-fffactory is the best! They know how to do it right. I left there feeling amazing and ready to take on the season. Go it’s worth the money and then some.”

From a Player:

Hello this is Keegan Sullivan , I’d like to take the time to let you know that faceoff factory was truly an inspiring and educational experience that I will bring back to my club team Tahoma high school from maple valley, WA. I would like to give a special thanks to [the coach] for taking his time to teach us his faceoff skills, and thanks to the other coaches as well and the hats you sold were great I’ve been representing FOF by wearing that everywhere once again thank you.

From a Player in Syracuse, NY:

I would like to thank you for improve my face-off techniques.  Before the Face-Off Factory, I was the 2nd face-off middie for my team.  After the FOF, I became the 1st face-off middie, and then a FOGO for the other middie lines.  I never knew the importance of “Down the Line” before FOF.  My success rate dramatically improved and I was able to help my team win a tournament game in Long Island by winning the face-off in a Braveheart.  Recently I tried out for a new lacrosse club, Harvest Lacrosse Academy, directed by former 3 x All-American from Maryland and current member of the Chesapeake Bay Bayhawkr, Grant Catalino.  During the tryout, I won all but one face-off.   I can’t wait for FOF to return to my area.

Jeremy Hopsicker

From a Coach:

My comments: Hello.  My son, Robert Giancarlo, attended your January 2nd session in Camillus, New York.  On the two hour ride back home to Buffalo, Robert and I could not say enough good things about the Coaches and the instruction.  Throughout the day, Coach Andy stressed to the parents in attendance to keep in touch with the Coaches.  Thanks!  – Guy Giancarlo, NY


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