Team Training:
Team Training is a unique option that we offer to all Rec, Youth, Town, Club, High School, and College Programs. Team Training was created to meet the exact needs of each individual program. Our goal with our Team Training offering is to educate both faceoff students and coaches for immediate and prolonged success at the faceoff X.

Team Training includes but is not limited to:
● Intensive Technical Faceoff Training
● Live Film Analysis
● Team Faceoff and Wing Play
● Current Team Faceoff Film Study
● Division 1 & MLL Faceoff Film Study
● Team and Individual Faceoff Ground Ball Play
● Faceoff Transition
● Faceoff/Transition Shooting
● Relevant Faceoff/”Box” Stickwork
● Faceoff Subbing
● Situational Faceoff IQ

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