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Group sessions


Welcome to the Defense Factory Group Session page. Here you can see the locations where our awesome coaches are holding their weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

Session focus points

  • Defensive mental skill sets
  • Methodology
  • Team defense concepts
  • Stick skills
  • Body positioning on and off ball
  • Check work
  • Situational nuances
  • Transition efficiency
  • Face off wing play
  • Foot work/agility

All of our coaches collaborate together on each weeks practice plan to incorporate at least four of these themes into the session. This makes it so you can expect a new, exciting and educational experience every session with your Defense Factory Coach.

To the right are the links and registrations to our current locations! CLICK AWAY!

Our Rockland Sessions will start December 14th and will end in early spring.


Defense Factory Group Sessions Rockland MA


With Coach Sullivan in Rockland at Hawks Lacrosse Facility

22 Reservoir Park Dr #4, Rockland, MA 02370
rockland map