Diego Markie

  • High School Graduation Year: 2021
  • High School: DeMatha Catholic HS
  • Club: Annapolis Hawks 2021


  • Email: diegomarkie1@gmail.com
  • Phone Number: 443-975-3002
  • Instagram: @diegomarkie
    Twitter: @diegomarkie
  • Faceoff Position Coach - Tyler Barbarich 732-259-8856
  • DeMatha Varsity Coach - Scott Morrison 443-794-7004
  • 2021 Annapolis Hawks Coaches
    • Eddie McKinnon 443-336-0910
    • Shaun Crow  301-641-3684

Deigo Markie IS FROM Chesapeake Beach, MD.


  • Always working to get better.

    I have played lacrosse since 4th grade and have played club lacrosse for the Annapolis Hawks since 6th grade to present.

    In addition to weekly training with Face Off Factory Coach Ty Barbarich for 3 years, I train at home on my own and with DIII FO, Roberto Dennis for reps.

    I was the only Freshman in my class to make Varsity Lacrosse at DeMatha.

  • SAT: 1200 (planning to take again)

  • GPA: 2019 Semester 1: 3.5 

  • Cum GPA: 3.12

  • Academic Dean’s List and Honor Roll

  • AP and Honors Classes

  • 3 years of Latin

  • Interests: Division 1. Field of study: Computer and Information Sciences