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Master Standing Neutral Grip with our Staff

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Would you like to have access to the Faceoff Factory staff at all times?

Now is your chance. Our FOFOnline platform will be a great resource to any player, team, coach, or parent looking to sharpen their knowledge and understanding of the faceoff position. We will provide drills, discussions, breakdowns, Q&As, and feedback on all aspects of the game to help athletes and teams at all levels.

What you get:

  • Access to FOF's Entire Library - Over 500 Videos.
  • Access to consistent exclusive instructional drill videos.
  • All you need to know about Standing Neutral Grip, the new NCAA rules, and how to dominate with them.
  • Game Breakdowns of NCAA, NLL, PLL, and MLL games.
  • Informative Instagram live discussions.
  • Analysis of Top College and Professional Specialists.
  • Slow Motion Faceoffs with Notes.
  • Feedback from live in-person sessions.
  • Division One lacrosse workouts.
  • Daily Drill routines.
  • Virtual Training DIY Drills.
  • Team Training Drills.
  • FOF Basics Series.
  • Webinar Access.
  • Mental Skills Training.
  • Train with the Pro's recorded reps.


  • 1- Year Signup for access to the most complete faceoff training
  • 2- We will send an E-Mail confirmation and request your Instagram Handle. Make sure to request to follow @fofonline on Instagram!
  • 3- Access the training platform through the private @FOFOnline Instagram Account & can begin consuming all of the premium Faceoff Training!
  • 4 - *VIP Members will receieve 20% off ALL FACEOFF FACTORY SESSIONS! Please E-Mail for the VIP Discount Code!

VIP Includes

  • All the above.
  • Highlight/game feedback from Coach Nardella and Marino (send film to
  • 20% OFF All FOF Sessions
  • Shout-outs and posted highlights to the @faceofffactory Instagram and Twitter (per request only for fofonline members).

FOFOnline 1-Year

$99.99 per Year
  • By selecting this option you will unlock access to FOFOnline. Here you will become a yearly member and gain access to the neccessary tools to become your teams MVP!

*VIP* FOFOnline 1-Year

$250.00 per Year
  • By selecting this option you will unlock access to FOFOnline and Exclusive VIP Offerings. Here you get the full package. No excuses. 20% OFF ALL SESSIONS

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