Jacob Piskadlo

  • High School Graduation Year: 2021
  • High School: Ramapo High School
  • Club: NJ Riot


  • Email: jpiskadlo@optimum.net
  • Phone Number: (201) 693-6380
  • Instagram: @jacobpiskadlo
  • Ramapo High School: Tom Albano - ram.boys.lacrosse@rih.org
  • NJ Riot Recruiting Director: Bryan Armstrong. armstrongbryan4@gmail.com

Jacob Piskadlo is from Wyckoff, NJ.


  • Colleges that will be on my shortlist will have great academics, a lacrosse program with excellent coaches and positive team camaraderie.
  • Hard-working, multi-sport athlete (Varsity Lacrosse and Track). Face-off specialist and strong defensive midfielder. Height: 5' 11" Weight: 185 lbs
  • GPA: 3.3
    Honors Classes: Computer Science (freshman and sophomore years)
    Spanish Level: 4 (junior year)
  • A good balance between academics and athletics (likely a D1 or D3 college)
    Indifferent on school size; however I would like to play starting freshman year
    Plan to double major in Business and Computer Science
    Healthy eating is my passion so I need a school with a lot of food options