Jim Williams

  • High School Graduation Year: 2022
  • High School: Franklin High School


  • Email: jcwill17@icloud.com
  • Phone Number: 6157885953
  • John Travisano (Notre Dame University FOS - 2018; FO Coach/Training Partner) - (442) 766-0494
  • Josh Scouten (Director of No Excuse Lacrosse & University School of Nashville AD) - (615) 796-8770 - noexcusenashville@gmail.com
  • Jon Spears (University of North Carolina MID - 91 NCAA National Championship; No Excuse Lax Coach) - (615) 480-3126
  • Brock Sturdivant (Princeton University MID - 92 NCAA National Championship; No Excuse Lax Coach) - (615) 525-3344

Jim Williams is from Nashville, TN.



  • To compete and win face offs at the national level, takes significantly more effort, commitment and planning when your are from a non-traditional lacrosse region. The only players within 200 mile radius the can challenge me at the face off X are ex-college lacrosse players. Over the last 6 years, my FOS training partners have been FOGOs that graduated from Notre Dame, Harvard, Stevenson, Rutgers and BC.  These "next level" workouts have helped me to develop my face off game to where I can compete and win anywhere.  My first SNG face off experience came at the 2020 UA All-America regional tryout at IMG Academy. I consistently beat 2021/2022 FOS to earn a spot on the Call Back Game.  My second SNG face off event was 4 months later at the UA All-America Showcase Spotlight where I went 55% versus the 2022 Princeton Commit (IL 5 Star) and 64% versus the 2022 Maryland Commit (IL 4 Star).  I train year round in the weight room, hit the wall everyday and have weekly lacrosse sessions with my coach, John Travisano (FOGO at the University of Notre Dame 2018).  At the face off X, I win with speed, technique, unpredictability and strength. My shot speed is 92 mph and most players think I am a lefty because I am just as likely to shoot/pass with my off hand. I look forward to playing lacrosse in college and contributing to the team!

  • ACT Composite 36/36 (12/12/2020)
  • SAT 1560/1600 (12/05/2020)
  • PSAT 1510/1520 (10/14/2020)
  • Cum GPA 4.00/4.00
  • Weighted Cum GPA 4.61/4.61
  • 10 AP/IB courses completed by end of junior year
  • Top academic school with a competitive men's lacrosse program where I can contribute to the team. 

  • Size, location and division are not a factor in my decision.

  • D1 - Yale, Notre Dame, Princeton, Michigan, UVA, UNC, Johns Hopkins

  • D3 - MIT, Swarthmore College, Williams College