Nick Hajnasiewicz

  • High School Graduation Year: 2021
  • High School: Blaine High School
  • Club Team: MN Loons


  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 763-710-1456
  • Twitter: @hajnasiewicz
  • Instagram
    • @nick.haj
    • @hajfoathlete

Brandon Husak (club director and coach):

  • 651-402-0459

High School Coach: Joshua Swart

  • 763-221-5727

Travis Sanders (Club Coach):

  • 651-235-6670

Merek Regan (Club Coach):

  • (952) 607-7553

Ben Williams (FO Coach):

  • (612) 710-8249

College List

1. Cleveland State University
2. St. Bonaventure University
3. Elmhurst College (soon to be University)
4. Mercyhurst University
5. St. Leo University
6. SUNY Cortland
7. Canisius college
8. Maryville University
9. Seton Hill University
10. Limestone college

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I am a fo specialist but also a two-way middie and play as a “feeder” on offense. I play on man down as well.

All throughout my high school career I have been considered the most dedicated kid in the entire program, Coach Swart (head hs coach) says I have a unique inner drive that he doesn't see in a lot of athletes. I have several invites to tournaments, college prospect camps, elite showcases, etc. I play by one rule: stay gold hearted. Gold hearted means to stand up for what's right, be a good teammate, push myself and my teammates and bring a lot of energy into every practice and game to amp everyone up.

Academic Info

Sat/ACT is N/A at the moment, I had to reschedule the test because of COVID-19.

Current GPA: 3.16

Desired School Traits

Size: Medium/Large
Location doesn't have a big factor for me as long as I'm out of state.
Division 1, division 2 and division 3 are all good options for me.