*Development Days are exactly what they sound like. A day focused on the students overall Faceoff Development. At Faceoff Factory, we strive to provide our students with the most complete faceoff training program in lacrosse. These 2-3 hour clinics will include:

      • FOF warm-up that emphasizes the importance of hand speed/coordination and antagonistic stretching.
      • Fundamental and technical reinforcement rooted in clamping the ball properly. Given various students success with different clamping patterns, We will teach our students how to clamp while keeping both hands low and well as lifting our left hand up for a mid-pinch or high-pinch.
      • Advanced moves and counters. We believe in teaching students the lost art of moves that were more popular in the past (ie: Jams, laser, rake) because when taught and executed properly, they are quite successful. Even students who are confident and comfortable in their primary move, benefit from learning secondary moves as it promotes their understanding for what a potential opponent may throw at them.
      • Proper footwork, and body positioning. These aspects of the faceoff are often overlooked but are arguably as important as the basics. More often than not, the majority of faceoffs in a game are not “clean” wins. Forcing faceoff students to rotate and try to win the ball in a tie-up or “secondary faceoff”. At Faceoff Factory, we teach, stress, and practice how to properly rotate around the ball to put students in the best possible position to win that secondary faceoff regardless of their reaction time.
      • All drilling will be competition based and take place in small groups (sorted by age and ability).
      • Situational IQ and Wing Play. Although difficult to replicate, many of the common in game situations our students will see can be understood through basic diagrams and discussion.
      • Development Days conclude with our signature double-elimination Faceoff Factory tournament. We will be filming the players during their live competition reps. Players will be given access to the film once it is uploaded by subscribing to our Youtube Channel.
    • Coaches: Coaches are always welcome to attend our sessions free of charge. Coaches may also take notes, video, etc. in an effort to further Coach their faceoff students in our absence.

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